Natures Laws for Healing Our Pets

Natures Laws for Healing Our Pets

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Mar 01, 2018

We see that the physical, emotional and psychological issues that humans suffer have also been adopted by the pets we house and nurture without nature.

Animals are subjected to this plague of man-made products based on human design and experimentation. 

Something has gotten deeply out of sync with the flow of natural forces in our bodies. 

Our health care system on based on selling drugs and making money on expensive procedures and unnatural cures. We are at a time in history where if we do not make a change sickness is going to be more common than health in our world of today.

This is why many health conscious individuals are turning to holistic and natural treatments for ourselves and our pets. Naturopathy & holistic health care including using herbs, raw feeding, homeopathy and all kinds of natural treatments are on the rise and have been making a big come back in the recent years.

It doesn’t really matter what a dog's or cat’s symptoms are, no matter what testing may be showing and veterinarians or scientists are putting labels on, remember the cure is always going to be the same.

Balancing the system-building the natural immunity.

Take the WHOLE animal into the picture, take the animal's life-style into the equation.

Most physical ailments are brought about by imbalances and stress - stress to both the body AND the mind In fact, much more emotional/mental stress is usually involved than most like to realize.

Think about the stressed organ or organs and figure out WHY it is stressed. While nutrition is the foundation - always be sure first and foremost they are on a species specific raw diet in as whole a form as possible. A species appropriate carnivore diet the first law of health in Naturopathy for pets.

ALL the laws of health have to be applied for complete wellness.

Animal naturopathy is NOT rocket science, it is quite simple in reality, don't get sucked into all the so called "science" as fun and facinating as it is, it often has a way of making achieving health, complicated.

Keep the laws of health in mind and look at the big picture, find the root of the ailment and remove it, work WITH the mind, body and spirit to spark the immune system so the body can do what has been designed to do - heal itself.


1. Nutrition is the cornerstone. All species MUST eat what they were designed to eat in order to thrive. In nature, food is not cooked. It is raw and readily bio-available according to each species' unique anatomy and physiology.

2. Exercise is never optional. Animals (and humans) were meant to move DAILY. In the wild foraging and hunting – depending on the species – is done daily. Movement is needed to find food, to grow and stay strong, to move toxins from the body.

3. Water - Always give pure, fresh, unadulterated water. Avoid water that treated with chlorine, fluoride or other toxins. I recommend distilled water with minerals added back in.

4. Sun- The nocturnal hedgehog, when sick, will go out in the sun during the day to help itself heal. Supplements are often times needed due to depletion of the soils which translates into nutrient lacking food for herbivores which translates into lack of nutrients in omnivores and carnivores. Supplements, however, need to be used in moderation and qualified for each animal's unique needs.

5. Temperance- is an old-fashioned word for moderation. Moderation in all supplements, treatments as well as everything else.

6. Air- Every living thing needs fresh air daily, if possible, and to be outdoors! Animals need to get outside to breathe in fresh air.

7. Rest- Get plenty of rest without all the noise of modern appliances and electronics that interfere with deep rest and bio-rhythms; stress can bring about illness and behavior problems.

8. Trust- A Healing Crisis is a natural occurrence and is part of the detoxification process. The process is referred to as a crisis simply because the body displays illness-like symptoms at a time when it is actually healing itself and the vital energy begins to repair and rebuild clogged or damaged internal organs

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