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Why Invest in a Naturally Reared Puppy?

Why Invest in a Naturally Reared Puppy?

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Nov 21st 2016

Thinking about adopting a puppy?

We recommend getting your naturally reared puppy from a NRB- a Natural Rearing Breeder.

It is so much wiser and worth it in the long run to purchase a quality puppy that is from a chemical free environment.

It is so important to the health of your pet to being free from all pollutants its entire life. Including vaccines, pesticides, chemical wormers and the like.  Even keeping your pet kibble free if at all possible helps their life long health even though this is contradicting popular beliefs about dog care.  

In truth all these things can actually compromise the health of your puppy in the long term. 

All commercial dog foods have some relationship to 'junk' food for kids. Vaccines, pesticides and kibble have long-term side effects that can cause a lifetime of ill health and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in vet bills. This is why we recommend a 'Naturally Reared Puppy'. See more about raw feeding puppies: Raw Feeding Puppies

Go Green!

Go Green with your naturally reared puppy!  It is the environmentally conscious thing to do.  Moving away from the old way of thinking about raising a dog and going 'green' is the way of the future of  natural pet care for dogs. 

  You will have a lifetime of healthy enjoyment with an earth friendly companion without the typical health concerns of a conventionally reared pet. Most puppies are given 16 injections of different potent chemical cocktails by the time they are just 16 weeks - this almost feels like a crime to me someone.  It is time to embrace the new wave of naturally reared puppies. 

  Embrace holistic health as a lifestyle with your dog.  See more here about raising a dog naturally: Holistic Pet Care For Dogs - Exploring All Natural Dog Care

Moving away from conventional practices to a more natural way of raising a dog is a trend that is here to stay. 

 Getting off of chemicals, packaged foods plus the concept of  drugs and surgery to replace health care- to thinking of your canine companion as a whole being. Natural Rearing is better for everyone’s health in general, It is the totally ‘green’ environmentally-friendly lifestyle for pets and helps everyone lead a more conscious life.

We currently have a litter of naturally reared toy Australian Shepherds. They have never had flea, tick or heartworm chemicals, or been exposed to lawn/yard/household chemicals, No toxic chemicals whatsoever. They have been raw  fed since 4 weeks only a species appropriate raw food diet. Their parents have both been raw fed since 8-9 weeks of age as well. 

We totally embrace holistic pet care and all natural rearing methods.

Natural Rearing is so much more than just a raw food diet- it is a natural and completely holistic approach to life. Completely different than what most people are used to when it comes to raising their puppies, as most puppies go to the traditional veterinary clinic right away for vaccines at 6-8 weeks and then on a puppy care program for the first year at least with up to 16 different vaccines and flea and tick spot-on or the chewable flea prevention pill. Plus heartworm meds and micro-chips. All in just the first year of life!

In natural rearing none of that happens to our pups. Natural reared puppies are safeguarded against commercialism and chemical compounds. We are utilizing the old fashioned more holistic, natural methods.   Effectively caring for our pups as close to au-natural as possible. Building a naturally strong immune system. 

It’s about removing all unsuitable and toxic ingredients from every area of their little lives. Avoiding all kinds of chemical assaults in general, especially from the conventional veterinary recommendations.

It’s about eliminating all toxic substances on or in our dogs– this includes all poisons-which includes vaccinations and routine worming.

Who Started NR?

Natural Rearing was originated by Juliette de Bairacli Levy.   She was the pioneer in the natural and herbal rearing movement.

Her techniques are as old as Mother Nature, herself. Juliette’s age-old methods begins with the notion that your dogs and cats be fed a raw diet very much like they’d be eating in the wild, it would be a variety of raw meats with some bone, with maybe even some berries or small amounts of vegetable matter (somewhat similar to the what might be eaten from the intestine of a prey animal). Maybe some herbal supplements added as needed as well.

There is a Natural Rearing website and association you can join here:

No more Kibble!

We feed the parents exclusively a raw prey model diet since they first came here to live with us.   

They get a diet of roughly 80% raw meat (chicken, beef, goat, lamb, green tripe ) 10 % bone and 10% organ meat (kidney, liver, etc).  They love this diet and have been thriving on it!!   Before this I raised my other dog on a raw diet but with minced w/ some veggies and pre-packaged dehydrated and frozen food until I switched to the raw prey model with no vegetables at all

I am so happy with the results of this type of diet- even if it requires a bit more planning. I’m amazed at their coats being so shiny and soft, their teeth sparkly white plus they have no bad breath, they have very little poops that are often white and do not smell bad at all. This PMD it is so easy and they thrive on it.

Our puppies are being weaned on to raw meat this way as well.  They will began with a ground whole chicken and as their teeth develop, I introduced small meat and bone pieces… only as they become ready…. just like a ‘mother wolf’ in the wild would feed with her puppy pack.

Part of this method will include a pack environment living for dogs. Having clean ground for sun and exercise. Getting plenty of access to healthy fresh air and clean, pure filtered drinking water.

The main idea of the Natural Rearing program is to build up a resilient immune system. A dog with this strong system is better able to handle all disease, viruses and parasites internally.

This is all happens organically by giving a healthy diet of raw meaty bones and internal organs, exposure to sunlight, fresh filtered water, minimal stress, the right amount of activity and exercise plus of course tons of affection and love. Only using natural, holistic health alternatives to chemicals and drugs. Thus completely supporting your dogs own natural immunity so each puppy has the opportunity to live a vital long life full of health and well being natural rearing is about passing this fortitude and wellness on to future generations.

Keep in mind when you are thinking about purchasing a Naturally reared puppy that this is a no vaccine protocol, but some people do a minimal vaccination method using only the core vaccines and then getting titer tests done. 

We are relying on the puppy’s own natural immunity and ability to self heal to support it through any type of disease cycle. I give colloidal silver in their water from the time they first start drinking to help boost their natural immunity and safeguard them from  any diseases that are lurking out there. 

You well be raising your puppy this way as well– of course with the help of holistic pet care methods such as using colloidal silver, essential oils, herbs, nosodes and homeopathy as well as other holistic healing methods you will have a healthy. happy dog for years to come without the need for lots of veterinary medicines. 

Although we do not recommend any vaccinations for your puppy (except as compulsory by law), that is a choice you will need to make if you do purchase a naturally reared puppy.

The natural and holistic veterinary community have now been proving that dogs given no vaccines are far more resistant and much stronger genetically to resist disease than those who have had annual vaccinations.

Natural Rearing is not just the latest health trend for pets… it is a complete, natural life choice that is here to stay. A promise to raise your puppy or kitty the natural way will change your outlook on pet care and give your dog or cat a long healthy life. Plus hopefully will alter your view of the world to broaden your understanding of the more natural life of animals.

I raise toy Australian Shepherds- We will probably have a litter next year in 2021