Holistic Flea Control

Holistic Flea Control

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Feb 24, 2021

Wild carnivores over the centuries past have developed to live in symbiosis with parasites. This evolution means that healthy dogs and cats have evolved to deal with parasites naturally without the use of toxic pesticides in most cases.

We have all been programmed to believe that we should habitually use toxic chemicals to rid our pets of these pests.

All of this ordered from the local veterinary clinic, vaccinating, deworming and using those toxic chemical pesticides has been so deeply-rooted in us pet owners for several decades that everyone carelessly steps right onto the relentless cycle of chemical worming and using some form of toxic flea and tick product.

We have all been told that keeping our dogs flea and tick free, regularly is a simple answer for the prevention of these pests- whether we actually see fleas, ticks or mosquitos biting our pets or not.

A strictly holistic approach understands that when a dog or cat has an infestation of fleas or a high worm count, it says much more about the pet’s over-all health than it does about the parasites.

Parasite infestations of either fleas, intestinal worms, heart worms, mites or ticks are a sure sign of an out of balance, undermined or compromised immune system.

The entire holistic scenario of the pet’s health needs to be given attention and addressed. Not just reaching for a quick fix, a pill or spot on to eliminate the issue.

Just consider why some dogs and cats have overwhelming flea problems, while others are hardly affected by a flea problem at all. 

Fleas being present on your pet can be an indicator of the animal’s general health.

Pet parents are always searching for answers about natural and holistic flea control without using the toxic sprays, collars like Seresto, those spot-on chemicals such as Frontline or the monthly pill as in Bravacto, Trifexis or Comfortis.

These common, conventional methods of flea and tick control have taken forefront in the marketplace for using on dogs as if it is just perfectly normal and fine.

But….these products are not fine, they are not safe! If you wouldn’t use it on your 3 year old child then don’t use any of the above on a fur child either.

The bad news is these flea and tick medicines being sold by our commercial pet care system and allopathic veterinarians are dangerous toxic chemical pesticides- these chemical cocktails are being put into our dog or cats’ delicate systems, without much thought about immediate side effects, long term damage and eventual repercussions.

The naturopathic method of flea control is actually totally opposing the allopathic veterinary model. Instead of giving toxic chemicals or applying them habitually to remove all pests and parasites that may be there; we support the pets immune system to keep the body healthy and high vibe at their ultimate of health and balance so that parasites will not be attracted to the dog or cat in the first place and if attracted, will not stay around there for long.

We certainly won’t tolerate any fleas living on or around our dogs and cats, either. We need good safe solutions to deal with fleas, but it starts with a healthy immune system. In today's crazy, upside down rather toxic world, fleas have become abundant and impossible to avoid.

The truth for many of us we just can’t stand fleas! The thought of our pets having fleas is despicable. So what do we do if we have dogs and cats?

For us using toxic flea and tick treatments is not an option.

The concept of using a poisonous pesticide on dog's skin or giving them a monthly flea-killing pill which contains toxins so deadly that within hours they wipe out fleas for an entire month or three is a disgrace, in my opinion.

My mind is distraught just imagining what flea control meds could do to dogs' internal organs.

So what is the Answer?

Most people don’t realize this but ……A healthy Pet with a High Vibe immune system can resist parasites as a general rule. Most parasites are attracted to a pet with an unhealthy aura.

To switch to holistic and natural flea control one needs to fully understand how to address the flea issue. It is not just one product, spray, pill or technique. It is about education and then due diligence. Staying on top of it before it becomes an issue. It’s prevention!

So the most important thing you can do to prevent fleas is boost their natural immunity. It comes down to feeding a raw, species appropriate diet, minimal stress, a lot of love, regular exercise and grooming and adding immune boosting supplements when needed- including colloidal silver.

It may seem difficult to imagine being able to change overnight but if you are determined you can use totally holistic and natural flea prevention for dogs and cats and keep them off all year- it is not as hard as it seems, However, I will admit it is a bit more work than just giving a monthly one drop or pill.

Natural flea prevention for dogs and cats is the only healthy solution. The first step to natural flea control is attentiveness and persistence rather than toxic chemicals. Understanding the lifecycle of the flea and stopping the larva. Never letting it get out of control in the first place. It’s all about prevention. Keeping your pet healthy with a high vibe and high immunity is paramount.

Firsts off killing them when they hatch. Using diatomaceous earth outside your home, borax and or salt inside the house on carpets and floors and then vacuum.

I have a steam mop for my home – steam and then vacuum... ALOT!

Bathing is key, bathing, bathing- bathing with a natural shampoo. We use a castile soap with essential oils (I like Dr. Bronners Peppermint) mixed with organic apple cider vinegar then rinsing with a citrus solution. (Orange, lemon and lime rinds simmered in water) typically this treatment kills most of the fleas.

Fleas comb daily – I have a grooming table for my dogs. It makes grooming and flea combing pretty easy. If your dog has long hair you must brush it out first before you can run a flea comb through it.

We also use our Holistic Flea & Tick Spray if we are heading out to the woods or anywhere where fleas or ticks are lurking, since we don’t have them on our own property, we do what we can to avoid bringing them home. 

We also use Amber collars on all of our dogs as part of our natural flea control program. Amber collars are known as a natural flea collar. They work for fleas from the very minute electric charge which comes from friction and constant movement when the amber beads rub into pet‘s fur. Another way they protect against fleas is the aromatic properties of amber. Baltic Amber beads contain succinic acid which repels fleas naturally.

Amber collars also help to reduce anxiety, amber can help to keep your pet naturally calm.

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