​How To Build A Strong Immune System - Naturally

​How To Build A Strong Immune System - Naturally

Posted by Rhonda Jewel on Jan 10, 2021

Have you ever considered the immune system health of your pet?

Quite possibly you’ve never really thought about it. So let's talk about the importance of a healthy immune system.

Because this is a one of the most important parts of pet parenting there is.  To understand how to build a healthy immune system, naturally in your dog or cat.

Just the same as us peeps, your pet depends on its immune system for vital health and well being.

To ensure your fur kids are living their best life, let’s consider what that means—and hopefully these are some methods you’ve yet to discover about how to boost your dog or cats immune system health and bring their vibration up so they can be healthier and happier than they are today.

Our dogs and cats have an immune system that is complex and even a bit delicate depending on previous care. However with some tweaks and a few additions or changes supporting it natural doesn’t have to be a difficult chore.

Do more research if you feel concerned and be hands-on in your pets holistic lifestyle. Being aware of the reasons we go 100% natural. Of course always give your pet the best in care treating them like a priceless part of the family, like you would your own human kid. Of course we realize you already do that.

How the Immune System Works

Our pets immune systems are a intricate web of highly specialized organs, tissue, cells, chemicals and all those hormones connecting the web. Hormones are the chemical messengers.

Within your pet’s blood stream, their hormones commune with the dog or cats’ body by moving into a cell to bring about an individual change or result to that particular cell.

Many organs are all linked into the immune system. Although the ‘gut’ is the powerhouse player of where the immune system stems. Of course the spleen, the bone marrow, as well as the thymus gland, and of course the lymph system and their lymph nodes, all work together with the white blood cells, building antibodies, and complement proteins. It is all a truly remarkable process that goes on with our pets as well as your own immune system.

There are two kinds of immunity to mention. The basic inherent immune system and the developed immunity.

Inherent or innate immunity is the animals own built-in defense structure. This comprises the skin, linings of the GI tract, urinary tract, and the respiratory tracts, also even the mucous secretions, all immune cells and the organs and the pet’s gut and stomach acid. This basic, inherent, innate immunity is a non-specific barrier against injury and infection.

Acquired or developed immunity encompasses the immune system’s additional added defenses against specific intruders that are generated as the pet confronts diverse pathogens and toxins during certain types of exposure, disease and/or vaccination.

The dog or cat’s immune system cultivates a kind of recollection of each disease it has come up against or had to combat. Now it’s body is able to swiftly recognize and protect against that particular pathogen the next time it encounters it.

Signs of a weak immune system can include issues, repeated parasitic infestations, and in the onset it can look like mild infections disease that can soon turn into more serious health concerns. This is due to the body not being strong enough to adequately defend itself with a strong natural immunity. For our feline family we often see eye infections or upper respiratory problems which are suggestive of a weakened over all immune system.

So How do we get to HighVibe Immune Health?

Prevention is do doubt the most vital part of true health care for pets. As most of us realize by now we all know that having a very solid immune system is the most significant aspect to having a healthy, happy, high vibe pet.

To prevent ill health and ongoing chronic disease in our ‘fur family’ is key. We have been taught, and seen that a high Vibe healthy pet will be able to remove pathogens, parasites and illness all on its own accord if their immune system is strong.

So first and foremost focusing on and tackling the on-going well-being and balance of the pets health is primary … all aspects of the body, mind and spirit of the animal.

Those of us that are based in holistic and natural health for our pets all know that allopathic/conventional veterinary medicine is founded on fear – fear of getting sick, fear of bacteria and viruses and most often the fear of dying.

Allopathic medicine is fear based medicine.

This type of fear based medicine has been the health care method that’s been used to get pet parents to use for their pets. This method includes giving yearly vaccinations, ongoing monthly pesticides, drugs for just about everything, often antibiotics and steroids and other so-called preventives.

Of course we are not saying that pathogens of many kinds don’t exist, for surely, they do.

This very fear oriented method of what is cared ‘Health Care’ is being pushed as the main foundation for giving these yearly vaccinations and monthly pesticides. As well as pushing the poorest types of commercial kibble diets.

We are vaccinating our pets way too often and too much.

There are any pet parents still feeding dogs and cats a diet that has no real nutritional value. Made up of dead nutrition that has been overcooked at high temps and then extruded. Many unsuspecting pet owners are still using all those chemical pesticides to kill their cat or dogs fleas, ticks and any other types of internal parasites on a regular basis.

All of these low vibe approaches together weaken their pets immune systems. Building up their own health and high vibe immunity is what can save them, help them to have vibrancy, health, high vibe immunity as they can really thrive.

Vaccine damage is a real reality. Often, it turns up as a undiagnosable immune mix-up known by most professionals as “the itch.” Often in dogs, it could be that yucky, painful, goopy, itchy ear infection we see so often, and it cats it is often eyes and respiratory infections showing up.

Where Do We Start to Change It?

It starts in the animal’s gut. The dog or cat’s gut effects how the entire body operates. It is being studied and results show that even up to 90% of your fur baby’s whole health and immunity may be connected to gut health and their own microbiome.

Diet is always the cornerstone of natural health. As you have might have read in our other articles, diet is the foundation of everything we teach and talk about.

If your cat or dog is still on kibble or eating a commercial diet that offers only negligible nutritional benefit that can also be tainted with toxins and chemicals, dyes and other unhealthy additives, your pet’s immune system is being exhausted every single day. They are struggling just to maintain with that type of diet.

That type of diet can stress out your dog or cat’s natural immune system, often times to the point of break down. These commercial foods often contain toxins such as aflatoxins, heterocyclic amines and acrylamides and fluoride.

These toxic ingredients can build up in the animal and heavily strain their immunity.

While the harmful side effects cannot be seen immediately the y do show up sooner or later. Often, they come as the everyday health problems we are seeing epidemically in our pets including:

  • All kinds of Allergies
  • Various Cancers
  • Organ diseases of the liver, kidney and heart
  • Ongoing digestive problems
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune diseases

A fresh, species appropriate raw food diet is the first move to building a strong, high vibe immune system.

Many pet parents delay this change until their beloved fur child has a serious disease or chronic condition such as kidney disease, diabetes, cancer or allergies to decisively make a change in their pets diet.

Again…. Prevention is the key and infinitely more effective then to try and fix it after the fact.

This is, of course, that a full comprehensive list of immune supporting natural supplements. However, it does include many of the most often recommended methods

used for general immune building.

We believe that prevention is the best way to have a healthy, happy, high vibe pet. However, should your fur baby become sick or unwell it is important to know how to provide additional sustenance for the immune system through the right nutritional supplementation, colloidal silver, herbals, and other ways to give your dog or cat the support they need to help them to bring up their own vibration to fight off pathogens etc. for quick recovery.

Some immune Building Support:

  • Colloidal Silver - can help the immune system by keeping low lying pathogens at bay, so the immune system can kick in to do its job.
  • Immune support Herbs like Echinacea, Cat’s Claw, Turmeric, Astragalus- each of these herbs can help depending on the specific need the pet has
  • More regular daily routine exercise - exercise itself is so important in keeping immunity high vibe
  • Weight control ( often switching to raw can help this issue quickly)
  • Nutritional Supplements -  Curcumin, our High Vibe Nutrients for Dogs, Glandulars, Fulvic and Humic acids - there are several natural, species appropriate supplements that are useful for supporting immune function
  • Antioxidants - Vitamins A, C, and E - most found in the raw prey model diet. (Try not to use commercial supplements that come from a lab)
  • Medicinal Mushrooms - mushrooms work together to boost the body’s immune response to viruses, bacteria and many harmful pathogens*and delivers the health benefits of over 200 naturally occurring mushroom molecules now known to optimize overall immune system performance. Maintaining optimum immune response is vital to enjoying a long and healthy life.
  • Colostrum - is the first milk supplied by mothers. Most colostrum on the market is from cows. Look for organic- It has many immune boosting properties including factors that support T-helper cells.

This is a list of some of what is being used along with a raw, species specific diet to boost immunity. However at times, depending on the issue your pet is having, the support of a trained holistic veterinarian is needed.

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