Colloidal Silver For Ear Infections

Colloidal Silver For Ear Infections

Posted by Holistic Pet Care on Oct 05, 2020

Colloidal Silver For Ear Infections

Colloidal silver can be an excellent remedy for treating ear infections. It can be either sprayed in the ear or it can be syringed directly into the ears to help clear up bacteria and yeast  in the ear. 

Colloidal silver for ear infections works the same on a dog, a cat, a horse  or their people. 

  1. First clean the ear out of any gunk with a gauze pad soaked in colloidal silver and then wring it out slightly.
  2. Clean it up well. 
  3. Then (depending on the size of the put a few drops, a squirt or a syringeful of silver in their ears and squish it around at the base of the ear for a minute or two.
  4. Then let them shake it out. Afterwards wipe it out again with gauze pad.  
  5. Do this 2-3 times a day for 10 days. 

You can also syringe the silver in the mouth of our pet 2-3 times a day as well.  This insures the infection is being treated from the inside out. You can also put it in their water bowl or place a small bowl of colloidal silver next to their drinking bowl and allow them to drink it as much as they want. 

Our pets respond to silver very quickly, as their immune systems are typically stronger than their pet parents if they are raw fed and holistically raised.  As they are not as susceptible to poor health if their diets are kept clean and consistent. Also, if raised in a toxin free household they are not in contact by  all the different kinds of toxins us peeps will face out in the world and in our diets on a daily basis.

Our 8 oz Holistic Ear Clear is a wonderful natural ear solution for dogs that is a combination of 35 ppm Colloidal Silver and Pau De Arco. Added is just a little apple cider vinegar and essential oils for catalysts to healing. 

Ear Clear

This combination of antimicrobials is a pretty powerful treatment and super anti-inflammatory for all pet's ears. 

The herb pau d'arco, which comes from the inner bark of a South American tree, is a natural antibiotic that quickly kills fungi and bacteria. Combined with colloidal silver it is a double whammy for ear infections. Most of the time ear issues are caused from the imbalance of yeast in your dog's body.

Colloidal silver for ear infections is a wonderful and quick acting alternative to other treatments or drugs you can give. 

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