Holistic Ear Clear -Natural Ear Solution For Dogs 8 oz size

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Our 8 oz Holistic Ear Clear is a wonderful natural ear solution for dogs, It is a combination of 35 ppm Colloidal Silver and Pau De Arco. Added is just a little apple cider vinegar and essential oils for catalysts to healing.  The combo is a pretty powerful antifungal and anti-inflammatory for pet's ears.  

The herb pau d'arco, which comes from the inner bark of a South American tree, is a natural antibiotic that quickly kills fungi and bacteria. Combined with colloidal silver it is a double whammy for ear infections. Most of the time ear issues are caused from the imbalance of yeast in your dog's body.

Signs of Ear Infection in Your Dog's Ears

• Your dog shakes their head or holds it on one side
• They are constantly scratching or rubbing their ears, on the floor, rug, blankets etc
• There is a black or brown discharge in ears, which is often a sign of yeast in the ears
• Your pets ears smell bad, are tender, sore or red inside

What can you do? 

Clean your pet’s ears with Holistic Ear Clear if you notice wax/discharge. This may be a sign of  allergies or a yeast infection. Using colloidal silver or our Holistic Ear Clear, wipe the inner ear with a soaked cotton ball 2-3 times a day until cleared up.

You may want to switch to a species appropriate raw diet if you are kibble feeding still.  Often ear issues are caused from the starches in kibble. 

Clean the ears with this solution two or three times a day for several days.