The Law Of Attraction For Pets

The Law Of Attraction For Pets

Posted by RJewel on Feb 21, 2018

8 Ways To Raise Your Dog Or Cats Vibration

Today’s inspiration is all about the law of attraction and the vibrational frequency of our pets. This subject is a bit metaphysical so just open your mind and read on. See if it resonates.

We can learn so much from animals. They can teach us how to live in the moment, to love unconditionally, not to question what is, and how to truly enjoy life to the fullest. They are operating from the realm of the law of attraction - attracting to themselves what they intuitively know they need, what is best for them in their sphere of reality. Whether high or low in their vibrations, they attract whatever surrounds them in their world of energy and frequency. 

Talking about frequency and ‘ High Vibe’ may sound woo-woo to some, but it is good way of describing our pets overall state of well being as ‘energetic beings’. Because they are energetic beings, they are very sensitive to good and bad vibes in our selves, other fur family members and our surroundings. Often people don’t consider what is going on with the vibration of their pets.

Most of us from  The Holistic Pet Tribe know that all objects, alive or inanimate, are energy pulsating at different frequency levels, as the new physics has proven..

All objects that look dense are still just vibrational energy fields at the quantum level. This includes you, and your dogs and cats, of course.

From a metaphysical perception, as well as the scientific standpoint on it, many studies have proven this; that we all are made up of diverse energy planes: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – humans and animals all have these levels of existence.

Each of these planes of your pets reality are resonating to a certain vibrational frequency, which combine to create your dog’s or cat’s overall vibration of being.

Did you know that our pets can and will mirror their human guardian’s vibration? This also includes their owners’ diseases, and levels of toxicity in the household in which they live.

Why would your pet get sick just because you are? First of all, don’t blame yourself. It is all the toxins in the environment overloading our immune systems. We all are more prone to ill health in this toxic world we live in. In addition, our dogs and cats actually live an amplified version of the vibrational frequency of their human family. This is in order to mirror the level of vibration and disharmony. They do love us that much, that they actually take it on as their own.  

All vibrations function and oscillate at high and low frequencies. This is going on within us and all around us in the environment in which we are our pets live.

If your personal vibration and the energy of your home environment is low it will be evident in your pet as well.'s really just a matter of simply raising your own vibration and of bringing awareness to your environment and the situation in which your pet is living to help raise their vibe too.

Perhaps your own energy level no longer flows as it once did and your dog is reflecting it with lying about on the floor.

Or your health is poor and your cat is listless, maybe taking on a UTI or another serious illness.

You might have to do some re-working of your own level of frequency to rectifying your pet’s dis-ease. Luckily your carnivore companion is super easy to make whole again.

When your own personal vibe is high (that amazing sense of being in the flow), you will notice that your pet is also up and grooving to the music as well.

When you in the High-Vibe state you will no doubt be rubbing off on the ‘Fur Kids’ and projecting into your life and environment.

You will be jumping out of bed each day full of good energy, noticing how full of pep your pooch or kitten is too- he/she has never looked so good!

In fact, the number-one lesson we can learn from our pets is why the law of attraction always works in the household, in our pets and personal surroundings so well. We are always attracting to us what we are focusing on. Same with our pets. If they are focusing on sadness or conflict in the vibes they are picking up- that is what is being attracted to them as well.


Our Pets are our guardians in the physical world, they are our protectors and also our reflectors in the energy world as well. We need to learn and understand more about the power of cats and dogs and why they are part of our existence. Once we begin to understand their purpose, we can help them as well, by raising our own vibration.

Our pets actually are a link with the magical world, the more spiritual, invisible realm, something we may not be fully conscious of as we go about our busy lives, absorbed by distractions around us.

During their awake time, our pets are filtering the low vibe energy our homes from as best they can. When they are asleep, they are working in the invisible realms to filter and transform any negative energy. This is one reason they do end up reflecting their owner’s illnesses. They can only filter so much.

Often our pets will actually be attracted to the areas with ‘low vibes’ or stagnant circulation of the vital ‘Chi ‘energy that is not flowing, they are doing their best to activate this area and raise the vibration. Pets are much more able to do this if their own personal health and vibe is kept high.

If they are not fed properly or have too many toxins in their bodies they will take on that lower vibration and get sick.

You might often see your cat staring into space, totally focused on something out there...cats can assuredly see and

feel things we don’t see. From microscopic life forms, vibrations, subtle energies to even beings from other dimensions. I think cats have their own special doorway to another dimension that is their alternate world.

As amazing as our cats and dogs are on the more spiritual vibrational planes, unfortunately once your pets ‘vibe’ and level of overall frequency starts a downward spiral, it will be increasingly difficult to raise it back up again, because ill health sets in and then the vet bills, drugs and other low vibe situations make it harder to get back to the High Vibe state.

Here are some signs that has happened:

  • Moodiness, lack of appetite
  • low energy levels (or sleeping a lot)
  • chronic illness (or skin problems, ear infections etc)
  • restlessness/discomfort

One way to help them – as I said earlier is to help yourself.

Start to understand and work within the Law of Attraction. 

Practice raising your own vibration.

Another thing is, simply “get out of their way” so they can heal. Understand that it’s possible that our own vibration had something to do with the issues your pets are going though, and that it’s our vibration that often thwarts their natural healing with vet visits, antibiotics, steroids and even surgeries.

“Get out of their way.” Is often the best medicine-sometimes....meaning get your allopathic veterinarian out of the equation. ( unless you have one that understands this stuff) Plus... it often just requires simply fixing your own vibration and working out your own health issues naturally as well.

Realize that your pets know how to heal themselves innately. Their little bodies are excellent at coming back into harmony with nature – when they’re allowed to do so. You can often help with a good change of diet to a more species appropriate food, some colloidal silver or herbs to nudge things back into balance.

Often times their natural preference is to slink off and be alone when they’re not feeling their normal ‘High-Vibe’ selves. Maybe they even need to fast and cleanse.

They want to be left alone to come back to their positive. balance state of equilibrium.

Of course our pets aren't the only ones responsible for the energy balance of the household, but they don’t always know that and try pretty hard to be the ones to fix it. So the more harmony and high vibes that there are in your dog or cats natural environment, the less negative energy your pet will need to filter and consequently it will be happier and healthier.

Do you have a dog or cat as a family member that has taken on too much negative vibration?

Do you see any of those qualities we have mentioned above?

Well here are some ways you can quickly be back to  high vibe for you and your pet.

8 Ways To Raise Yours and Your Pets Vibration  

1. Go Healthy- Feed a Species Appropriate Health food Diet

The things we choose to fuel ourselves and our pets bodies with makes an enormous difference to how they feel, both energetically and physically. Whole natural foods for yourself and raw non-GMO fed meats for your carnivores will always raise your vibration and nourish you both much more than kibble, junk food or fast food ever could for either of you.

2. Get Moving and Exercise!

Our pet’s bodies hold tension and negative energy, especially when they’re stagnant and not out running and playing in the fresh air and sunshine everyday. So if you are your dog is in a funk, one of the first things to do is go for a run or walk to get that energy flowing again.

3. Remove Toxins from Your Pet

Think about all the vaccines, pesticides, heartworm, spot on and pharmaceuticals that your vet has given your pet? If that is not low vibe then what is? Please stop all those high vibration killing toxins, now! If your pet has been on all those chemicals it is time for a detox. Seriously.

4. Go All Natural all the Way- your Home and Environment

Just like the food we put in our bodies, the products we put on our bodies also have an effect on our vibration levels. If you’ve been feeling low vibe, try switching your products over to something natural to see what a difference it makes.Look under the sink and get rid of all those chemical cleaning products. Throw out all shampoos and flea sprays etc that have chemical bases.

5 . Play & Cuddle more with your Cat or Dog

Of course taking our cat out to the park or to the beach is probably not going to happen, but do spend more play time, grooming and cuddling. Our pets vibes way up with one on one attention.

6.  Colloidal Silver; Essential oils Plus other Herbs and Supplements When Needed

Using the elements of nature such as silver, minerals, essential oils and herbs can impart an immediate scene of health and well being. Essential oils work fast and are a wonderful way to raise the energy and vibration quickly to help the immune system balance. While colloidal silver helps to remove any low lying pathogens that may be compromising their health and contributing to the low vibe state just enough to keep the low frequency going. Colloidal Silver and essential oils are my two favorites as all around health and vibration raisers.

7. Dive In- Take your Dog Swimming!

Water, is infused with a naturally high vibration – being a natural element it is super healing for you and your dog. If you’re feeling low or down, treat yourself to a long bath (or shower) just because. For your dog that means going to a lake or ocean. Go the extra mile by making it an exciting event for both you and the pooch. Swimming in a lake or ocean is a quick and effective vibration raiser.

8. Get Back To Nature- Dogs get High Vibes In Natural places

Earthing! Walk on the earth together. Going for a walk in a park or for a hike is a wonderful way to reset you and your pet’s energy level and vibration. When you are out there be with nature, with your dog and be sure to turn off your cell phone. Giving your pet your full attention is the key. While you are out there really take the time to connect with the world around you and connect with your dog as well.

The way you choose to change the vibration in you and your household is up to you. Whichever way works for you is a personal journey- but definitely if you are feeling low vibe- so is your pet.

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